Priest Lake Dental Offers New Patients Choice of Two Services: Fluoride Treatment or Oral Cancer Screening

Priest Lake Dental, your premier Antioch based dentist, is now offering new patients their choice of either a complimentary fluoride treatment or an oral cancer screening at the time of their first cleaning or exam. These services afford new patients options when it comes to improving dental care and preventing future complications.

New patients at Priest Lake Dental can choose between either a complimentary fluoride treatment or an oral cancer screening at the time of their first cleaning or exam.

Fluoride Treatment

Priest Lake Dental is proud to be your go-to Antioch dentist, where your smile is the top priority.

Fluoride treatments​ help to strengthen teeth, making them less susceptible to tooth decay and damage. Plaque buildup damages the teeth and can erode enamel. Fluoride treatments work to fill in minerals in the teeth that have worn away as a result of plaque buildup.

At home, people may receive some of the benefits of fluoride by using toothpaste or gel containing fluoride, and children can take a vitamin with it. It is especially important for children to get fluoride through food, water or a supplement in order to build a strong foundation and ensure good dental health for years to come.

Priest Lake Dental offers patients of all ages a convenient in-office fluoride treatment. During the procedure a clear gel is applied to the patient's teeth. The gel is formulated to stick to the teeth, providing hours of fluoride contact with the teeth, even after eating or drinking. It is recommended that patients, particularly children, have a fluoride treatment completed twice a year during their regularly-scheduled preventative dental appointments.

Oral Cancer Screening

Priest Lake Dental also offers the latest in oral cancer screening technology - Velscope. The non-invasive procedure is used for early detection of oral cancer. Each year in the Unites States, 40,000 people are diagnosed with mouth and throat cancer.

This quick procedure utilizes a special light to detect lesions on the gums and tongue that cannot be seen by the naked eye. If an abnormality is found, patients will be rescheduled for a two week follow-up at no charge to check if the area has healed, or they will be immediately referred to an oral surgeon to have a biopsy of the lesion completed. The results of the biopsy will determine whether the lesion is cancerous or benign.

Oral cancer screenings are especially important for people who are predisposed to the condition. Risk factors include tobacco use, alcohol use, and a family history of oral cancer. Individuals with autoimmune disorders are also at risk. Oral cancer is more common in people over the age of 55, and men are twice as likely to develop this type of cancer. For more information about oral cancer, visit the Oral Cancer Foundation's official website at

About Priest Lake Dental

Priest Lake Dental, led by Dr. Alan Laurain DDS, is a full service dental practice located in Antioch, TN that has proudly served the Smyrna, LaVergne, and surrounding Nashville area for over 30 years. Priest Lake Dental offers a variety of services and products including teeth cleaning, whitening, fillings, x-rays, crowns, and more. In addition to providing routine cleanings and exams, Priest Lake Dental has extensive experience providing patients with relief from toothaches, cavities, chronic bad breath, gum disease, and gingivitis. The dental office utilizes state-of-the-art sterilization methods, laser technology, Velscope oral cancer screening, as well as crown-in-a-day technology, which allows crowns to be completed in as little as two hours, eliminating the need for multiple visits to the dentist. The entire Priest Lake Dental team is dedicated to providing compassionate and gentle care that patients deserve.

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