National Surety Bonds Provider Negotiates Lower Surety Bond Rates for CA Motor Vehicle Dealers

In the state of California, has recently negotiated a special program rate for CA Motor Vehicle Dealer License Bonds with rates far lower than amounts typically charged in the market. is pleased to announce rates as low as $375.00 per year for qualifying accounts, which is far below that of the competition, many of whom are charging at least $1,000.00 or more for the same bond.

CA Car Dealers Must Purchase Surety Bonds

A licensed motor vehicle dealer in the state of California is defined as any person who sells new and/or used vehicles to consumers. In order to be properly licensed, a motor vehicle dealer is required to post a CA motor vehicle dealer bond in order to comply with the laws of the state of California. The surety bond provides a guarantee for consumers that the dealer will not practice any fraud or make any fraudulent representation, which will cause a monetary loss to a purchaser, seller, financing agency, or governmental agency; and, shall not fail to comply with the conditions set out in section 11711 of the California Vehicle Code. is the premier surety bond provider, both online and off.

Surety Bonds Build Credibility

CA motor vehicle dealer license surety bonds are a great way for new dealers to begin building their credibility as licensed and legally accountable business entities. Consumers in the state of California are typically known for being progressive in thinking that businesses should be upfront with their activities and held to higher standards. The Internet makes it easy for new and existing motor vehicle dealers to compare surety bond rates and find the best quote. Dealers should not have to pay more than the standard market rate for their surety bond, and this company's new program makes it possible to save hundreds of dollars while still meeting a California legal requirement.

CA Wholesalers Also Need a Surety Bonds

If a surety bond is a standard requirement for selling cars in California, then dealers of all sizes will need an appropriate bond in order to stay in business. can also meet the needs of wholesalers seeking motor vehicle license bonds in California. Wholesalers are small-scale operators defined as selling 25 or fewer cars per year to licensed motor vehicle dealers. Wholesalers can also request a free quote for their $10,000 bond to comply with the requirements of the California State Department of Motor Vehicles.

For more information on securing an affordable CA Motor Vehicle Dealer license bonds at some of the lowest rates in the market, dealers are encouraged to visit the website of is a national surety bond producer, offering the lowest rates to qualifying accounts for their bonding needs. With over 5,000 bond types currently available on their website, they have simplified the process of applying for and receiving a free, no obligation surety bond quote. Apply online or call them today at 800-737-4880.

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